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Firebird Balanced – Class A Preamplifier

Firebird Balanced – the highest model of the Firebird preamplifier line supporting balanced signals. The preamp is built on the basis of two fully reinforced modules separated from each other. In this solution, two electron tubes 6922 EHG, 12AU7 EHG or 6H30Pi EHG (optional) work in one channel – four in the whole device. This is necessary to support symmetric signals where twice as many signals are amplified as in standard unbalanced systems. Each channel in this version has an anode power supply, an heater power supply and a power supply transformer, so the separation of channels (stereophony) is here at the highest level.

  • Type: tube, class A, triode, Dual Mono
  • Input impedance: 50kΩ
  • Output impedance: 85Ω
  • Amplitude of input voltage: 2 V – 12 V (max)
  • Anode power supply: 200VDC
  • Heater: 6.3 VDC
  • Tubes: ECC88 Gold Lion / 12AU7 / 6H30Pi x 4
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Fuse: 1A
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Dimensions: 400mm (width), 360mm (deep), 80mm (high)


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The input / output selection system allows you to use the Dual Mono system also when using unbalanced inputs. When selecting this type of source, each channel is fed into a separate tube of the preamplifier module (with its own separate power supply). Firebird Dual Mono also allows mixed configurations, i.e. an input balanced signal, when amplified by a preamplifier, can be fed to unbalanced outputs. Similarly, an unbalanced input signal can be fed to balanced XLR outputs. This allows you to use the signal switching system in all possible configurations.

The Firebird preamp has a voltage gain stage and buffer amplifier in each of the four gain lines of balanced audio signals. This allows you to get the optimal gain, and also helps to highlight the character of the tube sound to maximum. It also allows you to obtain different types of sound only by replacing tubes. Replacement of tubes is only possible on the equivalent of a given type of tube used in the preamp – ECC88 Gold Lion, 12AU7 EHG (ECC82), 6H30Pi (6N6P).

The Firebird preamplifier offers natural sound with a wide range of editing possibilities through the use of various tubes. For example, for 6922 EHG tubes, these are ECC88, 6N23P, 6N23P-EW, 6DJ8 etc. The tube lifetime of this type can reach up to 10,000h. The use of a current buffer at the output allows you to match preamplifier with the most demanding power amplifiers. Thanks to this, the preamp can work with both integrated amplifiers and power amplifiers.

Firebird has a solid metal casing (the basic versions weight about 11kg), 30mm diameter aluminum knobs, metal turned legs, solid brand switches, RCA CMC sockets, IEC and a dedicated source selection system for connected devices. At the customer’s special request, it is possible to configure preamplifier inputs and outputs for a specific audio system. Signal switching takes place using mechanical relays (the best signal separation and transparency) located in the immediate vicinity of the inputs and outputs. This avoids audio signals susceptible to interference to the selectors on the front panel. The selectors on the front panel only serve to control audio-independent microcontrollers that re-activate the appropriate relays, allowing the user to select the source. On request it is also possible to use the remote volume and power control.

Additional information

Weight11 kg
Dimensions36 × 40 × 8 cm