Custom Shop

In the offer of White Bird Amplification, apart from the models in the basic configurations, there is also the position which we define as the Custom Shop.

The customer can customize their devices with us: various components, type and number of inputs and outputs, type of volume control, type of connectors, lamps or even the nameplate with the content proposed by the customer are available. Custom Shop also gives the possibility of designing from scratch audio devices – tube or hybrid technology, completely different than the models proposed in the current offer of the company. As constructors and designers, we are open to the original ideas of our clients and are always eager taking new challenges. When it comes to special projects, please contact us by email. Orders of this type will always be discussed individually. We do not rule out that the models created at Custom Shop will appear in the permanent WBA offer.

The contact is also available by phone 608 728 660 from 3PM to 8PM CET or by email: